Dirt Bike Course March – April 2022


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Dates of class:  Time: 9am to 2pm

  • We begin each day at 9am and end around 2PM.
  • Please know, once a student begins class we can not refund or cancel the course.

What is required to attend this course?

  • Your commitment to learn and passion for motorcycling
  • Your own DOT helmet, (must cover ears) with either a shield or glasses.
    • Due to COVID we cannot provide one at this time.
  • A long sleeve shirt or jacket (dress according to the weather)
  • Long pants
  • Sturdy over the ankle shoes/boots (not canvas)
  • Full fingered gloves
  • Eye protection if your helmet doesn’t have a shield
  • Ability to balance and ride on a bicycle
  • Rain suit if rain is in forecast

The RULE on the range is “no skin visible” while on the bike. We take rider safety very seriously, if you arrive without the necessary gear, you will not ride. ATGATT (All the Gear, All the Time!)