Upstate Rider Training serves Greenville, Spartanburg & Anderson with the rider courses listed below:

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LEARN TO RIDE – Basic Rider Course (BRC) with DMV Waiver – 2 Days $289.00

(LEARN TO RIDE COURSE) The Basic Rider Course is a research-based and action-oriented core curriculum designed to teach beginning motorcyclists of all ages the physical and mental skills necessary to ride safely on the street. The course includes basic motorcycle operation, maximum effective braking techniques, turning skills, obstacle avoidance maneuvers, classroom instruction and ten hours of “on cycle” training. RiderCoaches for the program are all experienced motorcycle operators who are nationally certified by the Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF). Student workbooks, helmets and motorcycles are provided by URT.

earn to Ride, DMV Waiver, 3wBRC MSF, motorcycles, Rider Coach, CanAm, Ryker, test ride a 3 wheel motorcycle

3-Wheel BRC – CanAm Learn to ride Course – 2 day $99.99 ($329 value) – Click to Schedule your class NOW!

Our Ryker CanAm 3-Wheel motorcycle course includes approximately four hours of classroom activities and eight hours of on-cycle riding exercises. The course concludes with a Skill Evaluation and a Knowledge on-cycle instruction (typically conducted over two sessions, Saturday and Sunday.)

Learn to Ride, DMV Waiver, BRC2, MSF, motorcycles, Rider Coach, improve skills

Experienced Rider Couse 2 (BRC2) – 1 day $99.00

The Basic RiderCourse 2 is offered to experienced motorcyclists, of all ages, who own and operate a motorcycle. The BRC was developed to address the critical skills and knowledge needed for relatively low risk, enjoyable on-street motorcycling. The BRC teaches advanced braking and swerving skills and traction management. Students provide their own motorcycle, proof of insurance, and protective riding gear.

1 on 1 training, private lessons, learn at your pace, special attention, MSF Rider coach, DMV waiver

Private lesson or Group – 1 or 2 day(s) – (Contact for details and rates)

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DirtBike Course – Level 1, 5 hour Session $95.00 – coming Spring 2022

Our DirtBike course is a fun, one-day, hands-on training session available to anyone six years old or above. Our Coaches will teach you basic riding skills and responsible riding practices, including risk management and environmental awareness.

Adventure rider training, MSF coaches, GS motorcycle, learn to ride, gravel, dirt, hills

Adventure Course – Level 1 (Control) – 1 day $245.00 – Coming Spring 2022

Off-road skills don’t happen overnight. We want you to feel comfortable when you transition from the pavement to the dirt, and our training will help you build the finesse required to adventure ride safely. Breaking down each movement into easy-to-understand steps is the key to our training.

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