BRC2 – Experienced Rider Course (Skill Practice)

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The Basic RiderCourse 2 (Experienced rider course) is offered to experienced motorcyclists, of all ages, who own and operate a motorcycle. Riders should have at least 6 months of riding experience and 3000 miles riding. The BRC2 was developed to address the critical skills and knowledge needed for relatively low risk, enjoyable on-street motorcycling.

The program consists of a 1 day 6 to 7 hour session of training and practice on your motorcycle on our MSF approved range, under the watchful and helpful eye of a trained instructor.

Riders must come to class with a current Motorcycle Riders Endorsement on their drivers license. This is NOT a License Waiver course.

A course completion card is provided to each student that could provide a discount on motorcycle insurance with many providers & many retailers and online sites will offer you discounts or free shipping just of mentioned you are an MSF graduate. Lastly, we conduct the SC motorcycle rider’s skill test at the end of class. Successful riders earn their SC motorcycle license endorsement. Also, the SC DMV accepts this course as a “points reduction class” (Driver’s safety class) and with course completion, so graduates could have up to 4 points removed from their SC driver’s license.

Who should attend this class?

  • Anyone who already rides and is interested in becoming a better safer rider.

What is required to attend this course?

  • You must have a current Motorcycle Endorsement on your license from any state.
  • You will need to bring to class proof of insurance and current registration for your motorcycle.
  • You must provide your own street-legal and safe motorcycle including minimum tires tread level.
  • You should be old enough to legally operate a motor vehicle.
  • If you are under the age of 18, one of your parents or a legal guardian MUST be present with you on Saturday morning to sign the course waiver with you.   If a parent or legal guardian is not with you Saturday morning, you cannot participate.

What Will I Experience at This Course?

  • Approximately 6 to 8 hours of practice will allow you to discover what you and your motorcycle are capable of, under the guidance of a professional Rider Coach and trainer.
  • Practice of low-speed maneuvering exercises to get you more comfortable with your bike at low speeds.
    • Control at low speed
    • Stopping more quickly
    • Tight turns from a stop
    • Stopping in a curve
    • Multiple curves and lane changes
    • Limited space maneuvers
    • Avoiding hazards
    • Negotiating decreasing radius curves
    • Counter-steering & counterweighting

Students provide their own motorcycle, proof of insurance, and protective riding gear.


  • Full or Half helmet (must cover ears)
  • Long sleeve shirt or jacket
  • Long Pants
  • Over the ankle boots, with a non-slip tread
  • Full finger gloves (no cutoff gloves)
  • Eye protection or face shield on the helmet.

The RULE on the range is “no skin visible” while on the bike. We take rider safety very seriously, if you arrive without the necessary gear, you will not ride. ATGATT (All the Gear, All the Time!)

Are your ready to RIDE? – The Last Step is to pick a class date!