3 Wheel BRC – CanAm – Learn to ride Course

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This course includes approximately four hours of classroom activities and eight hours of on-cycle riding exercises. The course concludes with a Skill Evaluation and a Knowledge on-cycle instruction (typically conducted over two sessions, Saturday and Sunday.)

CanAm trikes are provided for your use during the course. However you can ride your own if you already own one.  Also, a course completion card is provided to each student, that is accepted by some insurance carriers for a motorcycle insurance discount.

Who should attend this course?

  • Anyone who wants to learn how to operate a 3-wheeled vehicle
  • Anyone who already rides a 3-wheeled vehicle who are in need of their motorcycle license.
  • Motorcyclists who are entering the world of riding 3 wheeled vehicles for the first time.

What will you need to bring to class?

  • Your own DOT helmet, with either a shield or glasses. Due to COVID we cannot provide one at this time.
  • A long sleeve shirt or jacket (dress according to the weather)
  • Long pants
  • Sturdy over the ankle shoes/boots (not canvas)
  • Full fingered gloves
  • Eye protection if your helmet doesn’t have a shield
  • Rain suit if rain is in forecast

You can take the course on your own registered and insured 3 wheel motorcycle or we can provide a Can Am for you to take the course on.  You must have proof of insurance and registration if using your own 3 wheeled Motorcycle.

Please download an electronic version of your handbook and highlight the answers and page numbers to the questions in the back of the book prior to attending class.

Learn to ride or improve your existing Trike, Spyder, or 3 Wheeled vehicle skills in this basic rider course class.  This course curriculum comes from the Motorcycle Safety Foundation and is a great way to learn to ride and to handle your 3 wheeled vehicle.

Are your ready to RIDE? – The Last Step is to pick a class date! 

3WBC RiderCourse:($329.00): If you sign up through CanAm they are offering the class for $99 currently. 

Please click this link to sign up for this class to get this discounted fee.